Get professional forest management services from licensed foresters in Waterville, Bangor, ME or surrounding areas

Shelterwood Forest Solutions is a family-owned company offering professional forest management services for public and private woodlots in Waterville, Bangor, ME and the surrounding area. As proud members of the Society of American Foresters, we make it our mission to create healthy and thriving ecosystems that benefit your backyard and the entire planet.

What makes our team the winning choice for forest management?

You're in excellent hands with our team when you hire us for forest management planning, wildlife management, or timber harvesting services. Our clients know they can trust us with their woodlots because we:

Maine licensed forester with degrees in forestry and wildlife management
Trust a professional with 30 years of forestry experience
Provides exceptional service at a competitive and affordable rate
Partner with Natural Resources Conservation Service

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Explore our forest management services

As technical services providers for the United States Department of Agriculture, we have the training and experience you need. In addition to timber harvesting services, we offer habitat planning, wetland delineation and woodlot appraisals. We can also create detailed plans that comply with the standards set by the Maine Tree Growth Tax.

Are you trying to become green certified with the Tree Farm Program? We can help! Contact our team for more information.